Design and Development

Bespoke Websites

We provide full end-to-end build capabilities for a variety of application platforms and media – desktop websites, tablet and mobile devices. We provide full back-end architecture and development services, using a "technology agnostic" approach. That is, we aren't tied to any particular programming language just because it's there. We make decisions based on the most favorable functionality and applicability to the job at hand.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Even the most artfully crafted websites don't do their owners any favours if content can't be modified by non-techies. At Blue Digital, we specialise in open source technologies to create the perfect CMS solution for you. Our CMS system adds an additional dimension to the term "customer experience". Intrigued? Get in touch to find out more!

Simple adaptations, cost-effectively delivered.

E-commerce solutions

For many retailers, ecommerce is replacing brick and mortar facilities. The advantages of automated online sales are many – convenience, savings, greater selection to valued customers, and all without having to staff a physical retail location. There's no denying the efficiencies. We can get your online store up and cranking.

Rich internet applications

Bring motion, intrigue and interest to your website. The possibilities are broad and deep with rich internet applications. Whether it's a promotional banner, interactive map, e-brochure or a game, these interactive elements bring websites to life. Yep, we do that.

Mobile and touchscreen

Mobile is magnetic. People willingly carry mobile devices with them virtually everywhere, and that's an opportunity you can't ignore. Our applications and responsive solutions are designed to work in a variety of scenarios and across multiple devices.