Strategy and Consulting

User experience design has established itself as an essential activity for business, but it is often practiced as a tactical discipline. Things are starting to change. The Strategy & Planning team at Blue Digital works with international brands who see user experience as a sustainable source of competitive advantage.

User experience strategy

This is a long-term business strategy to improve, measure and manage the customer experience across multiple channels and devices. Consumer behaviour and attitudes are changing fast as technology creates new possibilities and the exchange of new ideas. Most businesses are not keeping pace with this change. We can help you create a clear understanding how your business needs to serve its customers, and work out how to harness technology to do it. We can also help you prioritise, working out a roadmap of improvement for the user experience and helping senior stakeholders understand the case for investment.

Our methods, services and thinking make us process transformation experts.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is King, and a content strategy is now a core part of any project. We will plan out what information is relevant and useful for your users to ensure repeat visitors. The right content builds authority and credibility for your company benefitting your customers and your Google rankings.

Social Media

Using social media these days is pretty much a promotional given for any business. But it's about putting effort into the areas of greatest opportunity. We will use your existing analysis and social media data and build on it where desired to ensure that your organisation's reputation remains well established. We will help you get the most from your social media budget and you'll be influencers in no time.

A planned approach to experience design