Competitor Benchmarking

Who are you up against? Who are your competitors? We will identify and analyse them and suss out what's what and who's who. Competitor Benchmarking gives us essential knowledge that will help us make better decisions later in the project.

Customer Research

Your customers are at the heart of every project and we need to know them inside out. We use creative and efficient ways to understand customer expectations, language and behaviours.

Give us your big idea, and we'll extend it.

Requirements Workshops

Workshops are an integral way to help identify key requirements for your project. The workshops involve your core project team, along with some key representatives of your customer facing business units. Together, we will draw out your USPs, existing pain points, user personas, journeys, and goals - the type of information that you'll need to know to succeed!

Brand Positioning

Through research, insight and experience, we will identify how your brand is currently positioned within the market. We will then work with you to reposition your brand to where you want to be. We look at a whole host of different elements – the brand values, the messaging, the logo and of course, how the brand looks visually on and offline.