Blue Digital Solution was founded in 2003 by Sunny Aujhla and Hiten Gusani. It started life as and still is a digital design agency.

Whilst other companies have diversified and most often expired, Blue Digital Solution is still here doing what it does best: Providing clients with well designed, fairly priced, bespoke, functional services.

Whether implementing, adapting, translating or delivering campaigns, we’ll find you the best route to every media channel, sector and market.

Our history and experience give us a unique view of the marketing process

Maximising marketing efficiency

Whether you need a local focus or global view, we offer world-class execution and attention to detail. So wherever a brand is along its journey, we can make it more efficient – and help you realise its potential.

Transforming your processes

They can be tailored to support clients from any sector. They can revolutionise and they can drive you to cost-effective, efficient and globally consistent marketing too.

Blue Digital Solution can give you a site that's both visually exciting and deals with the demands of your business, without letting anyone down. The world moves so fast, there are always new technologies emerging and it's our job to harness them and make them work for you. We help our clients move to new horizons and new markets, to secure new online customers and to have a professional image where it matters – in front of a world-wide audience.

We do not outsource our work. Design and programming is handled in-house by the Blue Digital Solution team